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A modern fairy tale of sinister proportions ‘The Curse of Sleeping Beauty’ – movie review


Pearry Reginald Teo has delivered upon us a modern styled version of a classic fairy tale. In his feature THE CURSE OF SLEEPING BEAUTY we find a young man mysteriously drawn to a house that holds a powerful secret. His family is the cause of his issues and dreams and nightmares cloud his thoughts and makes him an anti social mess trying to cope with day to day life. On this journey Thomas is joined by a friend Linda who believes her brother’s disappearance can be answered by the secret in the house. THE CURSE OF SLEEPING BEAUTY is a surprising and creepy feature that will completely change your thoughts on a very familiar tale.

THE CURSE OF SLEEPING BEAUTY really draws the viewer into the world of Thomas who just can’t seem to shake his treacherous nightmares. The young lady that he sees every night is being protected by a dark and ancient evil but when he finds out that it involves a long lost uncle is when things become haywire. There is a pure element of evil that is represented by the spirits of the house and what will frighten the audience is the well placed and designed creatures that inhabit the house. I was really taken back by the level of creepiness that builds throughout the film. The story overall wasn’t horrible but for the setting and modern touch is what makes it rewarding. You can tell Pearry is a student of the paranormal with his emphasis on the direction of the jin and how integral they are to the further development of the story. If you give THE CURSE OF SLEEPING BEAUTY it’s room to breath there is much to enjoy from it,

Anytime someone puts a slight twist on a story we all know and love it can cause for some hesitation. The good thing for the viewers of this flick is the straightforward thrill ride that doesn’t end until the final scene. There are some parts that may not be too pleasing for those looking for a little more umph but I will say it held my attention entirely. Don’t let the name cause you to judge prematurely I think as I was you will be surprised by what THE CURSE OF SLEEPING BEAUTY has to offer.


2.5 /5


THE CURSE OF SLEEPING BEAUTY is directed by Pearry Reginald Teo and stars Ethan Peck, Natalie Hall, India Eisley and Bruce Davison. It is now available in limited theaters and on demand and iTunes on May 17th. It is being released courtesy of XLrator Media.



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