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Unsettling sci fi thriller ‘Beacon Point’ premiering this June



Heading to the Dances with Films film festival early June is the new sci fi thriller from Eric Blue BEACON POINT. The story involves a group of campers who come upon an ancient evil that they may never escape from. BEACON POINT will screen at The Chinese Theater on June 10th. Look ahead at the trailer, stills and more and be ready for more updates upon it’s release.

The prestigious Dances with Films film festival announced today that Beacon Point, the highly-anticipated science-fiction thriller from rising newcomer Eric Blue, has won a plum Friday night slot on the festival’s exciting showcase of upcoming independent gems. The Georgia-produced chiller, produced by Blue Lantern Films, will play at the Chinese Theatre on June 10.


A group of hikers on the Appalachian Trail become lost and stumble across an ancient secret that threatens their survival in this suspenseful, surprising journey into fear.

You’ll never want to go camping again after sitting through Beacon Point’s unnerving 85 minutes.

Rae Olivier, Jon Briddell, Eric Goins, Jason Burkey, and RJ Shearer star in an Eric Blue film, written by Blue and Traci Carroll.


Beacon Point at Dances With Films : Chinese Theatre, June 10, 11:45 PM. Tickets here :https://danceswithfilms.com/beacon-point/



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