Maniac Motors II collection is here from Fright Rags


PHANTASM design for Fright Rags

Last year the folks over at Fright Rags released a hellacious line of designs that featured cars based off of horror classics. Well it was such a successful run that they are back at it again. Teamed up with artist Brent Engstrom the titles of HALLOWEEN, PHANTASM and HELLRAISER are all on display with three unique designs. Clink on the link to buy your now before they are all gone!

Last summer, Fright-Rags released the Maniac Motors collection, which parodied Ed Roth’s Rat Fink designs using horror icons. The apparel company is revving its engine with a second line of Maniac Motors.

Artist Brent Engstrom pays tribute to Halloween (“Boogeyman Buggy”), Hellraiser (“Cenobite Coup”), and Phantasm (“Funeral 4Wheeler”). All three designs are available on both unisex and girls shirts.

Maniac Motors II collection is in stock and ready to ship now at

Fright-Rags has a busy release schedule ahead, teasing brand new merchandise from The Evil Dead, Aliens, Rob Zombie, and more coming this summer.


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