Foriegn Horror

Short Film Spotlight ‘Lucky Girl’



As we head into the month of June we are so excited to give you details and show you the trailer for a truly violent and well crafted short. Straight from Hungary from indie filmmaker Demeter Lorant is his disturbing short LUCKY GIRL. The short has not been released to the public as of yet but they were kind enough to let us see it early, We do have the trailer for you to see along with some stills and a brief review from Travis. The story follows a final girl who is doing everything she can to escape a madman. Enjoy and look for more news on LUCKY GIRL soon.



From the moment LUCKY GIRL starts you are set in a mood of intense proportions trying to determine what is going on here in the opening shot. There is sinister work at play and right from there you know for some folks LUCKY GIRL will not be an easy watch. That’s fine by me as I was yearning for more. The killer in this movie is a pure throwback to the madmen of our past and I really enjoyed the silence and suspense that’s provided. LUCKY GIRL is a disturbing and well crafted short that will guarantee some discomfort from the audience. The main character is fantastic with her expression filled eyes doing everything she can to access freedom. Filled with dread, a slight bit of humor and beautiful placement of each shot LUCKY GIRL is superior short.



-Travis Brown – Horror Movies Uncut


LUCKY GIRL IS directed by Demeter Lorant and stars Géza Benkő, Nikolett Dékány, Barbi Horváth and Nikoletta Mucha. 

For more information on LUCKY GIRL visit:


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