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The perfect recipe for “creepypasta”


SMILE THE DOG is a very popular creepypasta story.

A while back we informed you guys about a creepypasta story that is being helmed as a feature film called JEFF THE KILLER. While the interweb is full of these viral urban legends one must stop and think  where they come from and how they are developed?  Well the folks over at the site Venngage.com have come up with what they feel are the most necessary ingredients to create one. They have also created a sweet looking infographic and we have it ahead for you to see. After reading this article try and come up with your own or find a relatively unknown creepypasta or better yet why not peruse the interweb and come up with a drinking game involving some of these ingredients. Read the official text from the site and enjoy this awesome infographic.

*excerpt from the site*

He doesn’t have a face. Maybe that’s the scariest part. Where there should be a face, there’s nothing. Just smooth, pale skin…if it even is skin. I’m not sure he’s even a corporal being. He might be some kind of spectre. He’s definitely not human. His limbs are lanky and he’s always wearing that black suit and red tie, like some perverted attempt to pass as a business man. But I know better.


Do you know who I’m talking about? If you were a frequenter of forums back in 2009, this description probably conjures up one notorious character. He’s gained a certain notoriety on the web. That’s right–he’s the Slender Man. Possibly the internet’s favorite monster.

Have you ever come across a story on the internet that is so weird, so freaky, it couldn’t possibly be true?


There’s a pretty good chance it’s not. In fact, it might just be another creepypasta floating around the web. And no, creepypasta isn’t a questionable school cafeteria lunch. The term is used for amateur horrors stories, some of which have gained such virality that they have become urban legends on the web. The term “creepypasta” is derived from the internet slang term “copypasta,” popularized on 4chan and signifying viral copy and pasted text (though the term seems to be commonly applied to any amateur horror story published online). Creepypasta can be text only, but some of the most famous stories circulated with accompanied by a cryptic image or video.

And some of them are startlingly realistic. So realistic that the Slender Man (also known as “Slenderman” and affectionately nicknamed “Slendy”), inspired two young girls in Wisconsin to attempt to murder their friend. There have been other reported cases of Slender Man related violence: a thirteen year old girl who attacked her mother with a knife in Ohio, and a fourteen year old girl in Florida allegedly set her house on fire while her mother and brother were inside.    

After seeing tales from the internet enter the real world, I wanted to take a deeper look at what makes for a viral creepypasta. What spooky elements, what narrative choices, what subjects and genres make for a story that people have to pass on to their friends?


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