Horror News

John Dugan joins ‘Deviant Behavior’


John Dugan as “Grandpa”

You may know him for his classic role of “Grandpa’ in Texas Chainsaw Massacre but John Dugan is no stranger to to genre films. With over 19 films under his belt including cameos in the recent TCM thrillers he continues to thrive on the darker side. He has accepted a role in the upcoming film from STX Media DEVIANT BEHAVIOR. He will play a crooked cop named “Captain Murphy” in the film in an announcement that was released this afternoon. Look for more announcements on DEVIANT BEHAVIOR in the near future.

John Dugan is no stranger to the horror genre, but is probably best known for his roles in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie franchise, most notably for playing “Grandpa” in the original 1974 film and in the 2013 sequel as well as from his cameo in TCM The Next Generation. Now in STX Media’s upcoming film “Deviant Behavior,” Dugan plays “Captain Murphy,” a crooked cop who’s own devious agenda for the film’s protagonist is botched turning “Murphy’s” egocentric code on its corrupt head. Be sure to follow STX Media on Facebook and Twitter or visit stxmedia.net to get more information and updates for “Deviant Behavior” set to be released in the winter of 2016.


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