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There is nothing creepier than dead old people and children ‘The Conjuring 2’ – movie review


One thing you have to give James Wan credit for is being a complete student of modern day horror. No matter if it’s an Asian influence, retro induced tactics or wide panel framing he has shown precise skill in creating the follow up sequel to the 2013 hit THE CONJURING with THE CONJURING 2.  Set once again in the 70’s this time around we have a good old fashion haunting across the pond in the UK. The site is the famous Enfield Hauntings about two girls who believed their bedroom and house contained an evil spirit. True to form THE CONJURING 2 is based off a real account that actually involved the Warrens and in the sequel we get a tad bit more of their story. Don’t worry there are still a few laughs just like in the first but one thing comes apparently clear right from the start this movie was made to do one thing, scare the hell out of you.

The movie starts off with what we saw at the end of the first film and does a good job of setting up the pace on what’s to come. Don’t be surprised to see the main hideous figure in THE CONJURING 2 as a popular costume for the upcoming halloween season. If it doesn’t get your pulse moving then you may already be dead. THE CONJURING 2 follows the same formula of the first with the only issues being the likable nature of the cast which just seem to live in a constant world of shadows. My only problem with this is it makes the scare too easy. Sure there is a ton of tension and dread in film but things become too calculated and predictable early. Ever since the PA movies we have seen the constant camera wide angle side to side experience that just looms for something to jump out at us. While it works for the causal goer more experienced horror snobs will truly be bothered by this. Still the overall projection of THE CONJURING 2 is entertaining with a tad bit of mystery involved more so than the first entry. One of the great things about THE CONJURING 2 is takes another popular supernatural tale and places you right in the middle of it as if you were reading it in the local paper.


If the upcoming feature from Wan LIGHTS OUT is any indication don’t plan on he and company changing up the format anytime soon. I’m reminded of watching the first season of SUPERNATURAL when watching his films. Most of these stories are common lore it’s just placed on the larger scale in a “cool” way. While it was dark and dreary THE CONJURING 2 was still fun. It should do well at the box office but I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the last we saw of the Warren’s. Though you know the old saying goes “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!”

3 /5


THE CONJURING 2 is now available in theaters everywhere. It is directed by James Wan and stars  Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson and Frances O’Connor.


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