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Some hikes just aren’t meant to be taken ‘Beacon Point’ – movie review


There are many things that go bump in the night and scary noises can always be heard coming from dark woods. Our adventurous nature of being a camper or hiker makes us forget about the creatures that claim the woods as its home and territory. Yet some sounds could be other things we fear more like aliens, witches or creatures only our worst nightmares can imagine. Beacon Point from writer/director Eric Blue, along side co-producer Traci Carroll, debuted at the Dances with Film festival this weekend in Hollywood California. Beacon Point, touches on those dark creatures or entities, that only imagination can conjure up to live in the woods and only horrific stories are told about.

Beacon Point follows a group of hikers through the Appalachian Mountains, on an exploring adventure. Each member of the group has there own agenda on why they are taking the ten day hiking trip, but a few of them are trying to avoid things that could cause them certain consequences. Tour guide/ex-con Drake played by Jon Briddell, is running away from a horrible mistake, when he stumbles upon the first few members of the ten day hike that he is supposed to take out. The group consists of three males and one female hiker. The hikers consist of Dan played by Eric Goins who is the dorky, but well off Sun Valley cooperate type who is trying to prove to his wife he can be active and adventurous. Brian played by Jason Burkey and Cheese played by RJ Shearer who have recently found out they were brothers after attending their fathers funeral.  Zoe played by Rae Olivier is trying to fulfill a lost wish that her father never was able to accomplish which is to stop and truly enjoy life.
Each of these characters has there own motive for this hike but what they don’t know of is the dark secrets that lurk in these woods and the escape that Drake is trying do. As the hike starts Drake keeps the group on the main trail and starts to give them the history of the mountains. They run into a group of people huddled by a body that has been mangled. The on lookers tell Drake and the others that they have contacted the park rangers and police. This of course scares Drake and hurries the group along and soon takes them off path and deeper into the woods were only ancient secrets lie.
Beacon Point follows the genre of eco-horror well similar to other movies like Blair Witch, The Forest and also The Happening. It takes to heart how the the woods can have payback for being victimized by humans over the years. It can come in many forms may it be celestial, mutation in animals or even just simple evolution. Eric Blue also gives the audience a cerebral trip through the minds of the hikers when they experience what truly lurks in the woods. Beacon point is an intriguing and thought provoking tale of terror!

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