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Surf’s up ‘The Shallows’ delivers classic summertime chills – movie review



I’m not sure what exactly a Blake Lively is but I’ll say this, I don’t mind seeing her on screen. She stars in the summer blockbuster styled shark survival flick from Jaume Collet-Serra THE SHALLOWS. Anytime a shark movie comes to the fray, especially in the summer season, there is an immediate comparison to JAWS. Not that it’s too far off with gripping moments that will more than likely have you on the edge of your seat. What really sticks out about the film is the captivating attention to detail involving the surfing portions which really helps to present a Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 set up to the film. Lively holds her own as the main and lone star of the movie in an epic woman versus beast showdown. THE SHALLOWS is just the type of film to push on into the summer and will go down as one of the better fin filled flicks in sometime.

All comparisons aside THE SHALLOWS won’t have the same effect as JAWS mostly due to the time of the film’s release and remarkable cast. Though similar to the highly underrated BAIT, THE SHALLOWS provides loads of entertainment even before we see our menacing monster from under the ocean. Short disclaimer: Yes many parts of this film seem a little far fetched but cast, crew and writers do just enough to make it all work. It all starts and ends with Lively who takes the movie from a NORTH SHORE styled action drama to a pure fight for survival. The shark might as well have wielded a machete with him and Blake becomes a pure final girl in her dealings with the creature. I was more than pleased with her execution as her part was well written to keep the viewer engaged. Lone survivor films always allow yawn moments so it was smart to see a CASTAWAY inclusion in the film to take a little focus off Lively. Not sure what many are expecting going to see THE SHALLOWS but I think they will be pleased on what’s delivered.


The time is right for a thriller like THE SHALLOWS to come out. The major screens are being bombarded by shadowy ghosts and dead pale children so seeing something more natural is quite refreshing. I’m sure we will see this thing called Blake Lively in more features that push into our genre and that’s not a bad thing. For those of you who are expecting more and feel like THE SHALLOWS might be a snoozer not to worry we are sure another SHARKNADO is on the way.


3.5 /4


THE SHALLOWS is directed by Jaume Collet-Serra and stars Blake Lively. It is now playing in theaters everywhere courtesy of Sony Pictures.



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