DVD PEEP SHOW: ‘Regression’, ‘The Haunting of Alice D’, ‘Helga; She Wolf of Stilberg & ‘Rows’

Hey folks Travis here editor for Horror Movies Uncut. As we start to hit the middle of the summer and wind down June we felt it was appropriate to dish out some short reviews for some films you can see right now on DVD.  Throwback grinder HELGA SHE WOLF OF THE STILBERG , somewhat based off of true events REGRESSION , brothel tale of terror THE HAUNTING OF ALICE D and fantasy horror ROWS are the selection of films this time around. So there is a little bit of something for whatever type of horror fan you maybe. Unbiased, uncut and all from my demented head are what you will read for these reviews so let’s get to them shall we?

**reviews contain spoilers


So in this film Ethan Hawke plays a detective who has been lured into twisted story of rape torture and satanic worship. Unfortunately for the viewer none of this shit is true. In a film that really could have been promising we are also lead astray by the outlandish story from Emma Watson. For such a solid cast you would have thought the ending would have provided a little substance. Unfortunately it does not and you are left huddled and disheveled just like Hawke’s character. Get back to the PURGE movies homie they miss ya. There are a few odd faced demonic faces to scare ya just a tad but other than that REGRESSION falls on the lukewarm meter.

2 / 5


So a long time ago Kane Hodder and some older horror dudes decided to sell his granddaughter off to a brothel. From there they did horrible and unspeakable things to young Alice that resulted in her death. Of course the bitch comes back to haunt anyone that enters the building and a prosti tot party becomes a night of terror for those involved.  There was some pretty suspect acting in this one which made the story drag on too much. I will give credit to the team behind the scares as there were some jump filled moments that would please any horror fan. Outside of that nothing really stands out and what you see is what you get with THE HAUNTING OF ALICE D.

2 / 5



You want to know what’s the best kind of grindhouse films out there? Naziploitation movies you want to know what’s even better? Fake naziploitation movies!! That’s what we have with HELGA SHE WOLF OF STILBERG about a ruthless war monger er with a fetish for rape, dictatorship and masturbation, yes masturbation. Helga is one mean customer and her camp filled with naked women and mediocre soldiers is definitely feeling her war path. Sadly for them their new captive is a freedom fighter and will do who and all she can to get out of her grips. If you are a fan of rambunctious sex scenes and saggy boobies this movie is for you. The 1978 flick will keep you enteratined throughout and provide just enough laughs and “did they really do that” moments to garner one than more watch. Pop this DVD when your friends come over i’m sure there can be some type of drinking game made of this. Still if these types of films are right up your alley (like me) then you will have no qualms watching HELGA SHE WOLF OF STILBERG. Where the hell is Stilberg anyway?




Ok ROWS is one of those movies you will truly enjoy or it’s going to piss you off. I’m not always a big fan of slow burning groundhogs day type of films but there are some things to like in this one. The movie follows two chicks who are set to send an eviction notice to a mysterious old lady but find out fast that more is at play. From there you are spent into head turning mind f**king feature that could possible leave you exhausted. Still not a bad production with some solid acting and a great setting. Here I thought this was some kind of ancient corn god type of movie but i was completely wrong.  Fans that haven’t seen this should give it a glance as I would be curious to their thoughts on twists. There is a southern gothic feel to the movie as well which gives it a nice little sinister charm.

3 / 5


That does it for this volume of DVD PEEP SHOW be on the look out for another set of movies before too long and happy horror movie watching folks!



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