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Protect the interest of a nation divided ‘The Purge; Election Year’ -movie review


If anyone has been following this site for the past few years then they will see that we have reviewed both of the previous PURGE films. While I was hoping before it was announced that the third would involve the history around said night it was nice to get a slight change of pace even if it involved a few familiar characters. In THE PURGE ELECTION YEAR we once again run into the likes of Frank Grillo and Edwin Hodge but outside of the usual agenda their is an added piece to the puzzle. They must protect the only person with the power to stop the purge Senator Charlie Roan played by Elizabeth Mitchell. Once again we see a night filled with masked lunatics on the rampage but as we soon find out THE PURGE has more than just a cleansing of the soul in mind.
The best thing they could have done with the third film is keep most of the action on the outside of a residence. Similar to the sequel that’s what the fans want to see. The chaos of what people will amount to when their limits and inhibitions are taken away. Election Years carries a different vibe from the other films with a more youthful tone that really showcases the kind of effect this night has on the future. If you think the youth in reality is bad these days imagine what they will become with the right to kill. Parent’s lets just say you better up those allowances or make a safe zone in your bedrooms. ELECTION YEAR similar to the first film is more story driven but that doesn’t mean the lunacy isn’t in full display. Hanging bodies, bodies driven on cars, foreigners cashing in on the torture and mayhem THE PURGE ELECTION YEAR takes it up another notch on the violence meter. Outside of a few cliche token black man quotes and moments the cast does a fine job of pushing the pace of film which always brings the thrilling side to these movies.
Ultimately the downfall of ELECTION YEAR will fall to the hands of each viewer. I personally am never disappointed in these films even though there are a few c’mon man parts. Let’s just say Election Year is really feeling it’s self and I don’t think you could find a better set of annoying school girls in any film. There will still be a call for more violence in these films as fans are still yearning to see more of what’s going on in the lives of those purging. It’s possible we may get that if there is any indication from the end of the movie but for now it’s what you see is what you get. The Purge films will always be polarizing which is why delivering the meaning behind the movies is so important. If there is a need to cleanse the poor and the have nots then let’s get to it. Stop with the tease already, but regardless I’ll keep watching.
3.5 / 5
THE PURGE: ELECTION YEAR is directed by James DeMonaco and stars Frank Grillo, Betty Gabriel, Edwin Hodge, Kyle Secor, Joseph Julian Soria, Mykelti Williamson and Elizabeth Mitchell.


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