Horror Movie Trailer

Horror Tease: ‘Clown Motel’



Not sure if you guys are aware of this, but there is really a clown motel out in the desert of Nevada. Supposedly it’s haunted by some pissed off clown and our own Travis Brown always finds the time to tag Stacey Beth in any and all pictures of said place. While that usually leads to bunch of foul language from her you can’t deny the truth that it’s out there. Well award winning director Joseph Kelly looks to enlist new fear into the subject with his upcoming release of CLOWN MOTEL. The movie follows a group taking a wrong turn and finding themselves in the clutches of one large and insane looking clown. Not as scary as the AHS Freakshow clown but  not too far off. The crew has launched a kickstarter for the feature which they hope to have completed by 2017. The crowdfunding link, description and teaser are ahead and on the KP the full trailer has been debuted. Help them reach their goal so Travis and torment Stacey even more when this is complete!

Link to contribute:



A road trip for a group of young adults to the “City of Sin”, Las Vegas, turns into a not so lucky winning streak, when they wind up stranded in the middle of nowhere. After taking shelter in a deserted Clown Motel they decide to stay until some help arrives. What they don’t realize is that the place is cursed, and an evil clown spirit, has just been released. What sort of tricks does this vacant motel, have in store for those who come? You won’t want miss the freakiest hotel to hit the silver screen since the Bates Motel.

Attached  for a Cameo appearance is Casey Hendershot, who played Rob Zombie’s 2007 Michael Myers along with over 50 other projects including The Walking Dead.




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