DVD Release

Wild and psychedelic looking chaos in the trailer for ‘Dangerous People’



Earlier this week SGL announced that they picked up the rights to distribute the insane looking flick DANGEROUS PEOPLE from Garo Nigoghossian.  Nigoghossian is also in the film which is about a pair of killers and their victim that comes with a few weird and unsuspecting twists and turns. SGL will release the film on demand, blu ray and DVD next year so check out the rowdy trailer ahead with more news coming in the future months!

SGL Entertainment is pleased to announce that they just acquired the movie DANGEROUS PEOPLE a 70’s Style Psychedelic Comedy Thriller. Dangerous People is Directed by Garo Nigoghossian and Stars: Angelina Leigh (Playboy Model), Vincent Stalba (Graceland the TV Series) and Garo Nigoghossian. The Film will be released on Blu-ray, DVD and VOD in early 2017 via SGL Entertainment, MVD Visual and Indie Rights Movies.  


SYNOPSIS: Dangerous People takes place in the early 1970’s and is about two murders who pick up a girl in a bar and then take her back to their apartment. A moment of brutal violence occurs which leads to a series of mind games to see who lives and who dies. Dangerous People is psychedelic trip that is equal parts crazy, scary, sexy, funny, sick and tragic.


For More Info on DANGEROUS PEOPLE Go To:



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