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HMU goes one on one with Sara Malakul Lane chatting ‘Sun Choke’

Sara Malakul Lane

Playing the role of Savannah in the dark and twisted thriller SUN CHOKE is the beautiful and alluring Sara Malakul Lane. Our own Travis Brown had a chance to speak with her on the role in the film and if she has ever encounter a stalker.SUN CHOKE will be available on VOD and iTunes August 2nd and in theaters August 5th. Read the full interview ahead and check out our review of SUN CHOKE here!

When you accepted the role for Savannah what stuck out to you about Sun Choke that made you want to be apart of it?

 I initially auditioned for the role of Janie. I remember reading the sides and character description and being intrigued. Then when I met with Ben (the writer/ director) we talked about the story as a whole, the different characters and his very specific vision for the film and I was really determined to be part of the project. Its not very often that you read a story with such strong female characters – especially in the horror / thriller genre. I ended up being chosen for the role of Savannah. Because I had read for the role of Janie so many times before they made their decision, it was very helpful to me as Savannah because I felt real empathy for Janie. Instead of just being terrified of her, I felt sorry for her and I think that made it more interesting for me to play.

So you are a beautiful and attractive woman have you ever had someone stalk you male or female?

 Thank you. I appreciate the compliment. I’ve had a few stalker -ish incidents but nothing too crazy. A couple of months ago a guy broke into my car and stole my bathing suits and lingerie. One of my neighbors saw it happen, called the cops and they ended up catching him. What really creeped me out is when I googled his name we had mutual friends on Facebook. I don’t think I have ever had a female stalker, although I do do my own fair share of online stalking and its almost always a female. I’m sort of obsessed with certain fashion bloggers. There’s also a girl I stalk on instagram who always seems to be eating at the best restaurants

Which is scarier?

I actually think a female stalker would probably be scarier. Women are more conniving, or maybe I’ve watched “fatal attraction” too many times. Either way I try to be very aware of my surroundings when I am by myself and I always carry police grade pepper spray.

Is there anyone in your life that you can relate to Janie?

 I think we can all relate to Janie in some ways. Obviously she is an extreme version, but there are days when I wake up and feel trapped, feel lonely and just don’t know how to handle the world. I have also had people make me feel the way Barbara Crampton’s character makes Janie feel – controlling, abusive, worthless all under the guise of “caring”. And I think at one time or another in life, most people have become obsessed with something or someone to the point of being unhealthy.

Has anything every happen to your life that has taken you to the brink of losing it?

I feel like I am on the brink every other day .. (joking, but not really). I think that the nature of the business, the instability, the constant ups and downs, social media, having my head in a phone or computer, FOMO, all of these “first world problems” really get to me sometimes. I don’t get angry, rage or throw furniture, I tend to just shrink into a ball and isolate myself.

What kind of reaction do you think will come from fans while watching Sun Choke?

I remember seeing people’s faces when they were walking out of the screening we had at the Stanley Film Festival. Most looked like they had just been hit by a truck. Sunchoke is that kind of experience I think. Its not Disney, you are probably not going to laugh, but its the kind of film that forces you to think. There are so many different interpretations, so many parallels, so much graphic imagery I think its s sensory overload and people are going to have to take a minute to digest it. Hopefully it resonates and finds a fan base.

Do you think Sun Choke is the type of film that reminds us that there still needs to be an awareness to the issues of mental health?

Absolutely. Mental health is a topic that needs to be discussed a lot more openly. I don’t think its a weakness. Its a condition like any other disease that needs to be acknowledged and treated. From my own battles with anxiety and depression, I think the more self aware you are of your own feelings and mental state, the better you can be treated. A lot of times people find it hard to admit that they are feeling depressed, society has made us feel like we have to be happy all the time, stay away from negativity.. “thoughts become things” and all that jazz – and while I believe in that, there are just some days where you have to surrender to the way you feel. I think being in denial, or constantly trying to “cover” and pretending all the time just makes everything worse. The more we can expose metal health, through art, the more it can be a topic of conversation and not something we shy away from.

We would like to thanks Sara for her time!


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