August Movies

A slew of goodies from ‘Terror Toons 3’ including Red Band Trailer




Cinema Factory is set to release the gore filled trilogy sequel to TERROR TOONS 1 & 2 , TERROR TOONS 3. Once again the evil Dr Carnage and Max Assassin are causing mayhem in the hospital and it’s up to two sister to end the chaos.Though there is definitely more at hand in this insane gore ride starring “The Wizard of Gore” himself Herschell Gordon Lewis. TERROR TUNES 3 hits iTunes on August 26th so check out the demented splatterfest red band trailer ahead!


Two sisters, Cindy (Beverly Lynne) and Candy (Lizzy Bordon) fight to save the world from destruction by the hands of the insane Dr. Carnage and his henchman, Max Assassin, once again!  Meanwhile, corrupt, homicidal cops unjustly serve some law to a group of young teenagers as they fight for their lives in this twisted, gory story.  With so many twists and turns, that only Castro can direct, this story is truly wild and completely unpredictable, bizarre, horrifying, and blood-soaked on an entirely new level.

TERROR TOONS 3 is directed by Joe Castro and stars Herschell Gordon Lewis, Beverly Lynne, Lizzy Bordon, Brinke Stevens, Schroeder, Robert Rhine and Mike Mendez.



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