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Baby shower zombie romp ‘LA Contagion’ on UK VOD this week


On Tuesday Grimm Entertainment drops the UK VOD release of the hilarious looking SHAUN OF THE DEAD meets KNOCKED UP horror comedy LA CONTAGION. Here in the states Epic is debuting it sooner but our friends across the pond will have their eyes on the film shortly after. The Alex Drummond feature involves guests celebrating a baby shower when a zombie plague starts to develop. UK readers look for it on August 22nd and glance ahead for the UK trailer.

Grimm Entertainment celebrate their sixth release with the multi­award winning zombie/baby shower shocker LA Contagion coming to Video­ on­ demand in the UK from Monday, 22nd August. Only four days after its US release by Epic Pictures Group (as Killer Party), UK horror fans will be able to enjoy what Bloody Disgusting have described as “Shaun of the Dead channeling Zombieland”, Alex Drummond’s LA Contagion on platforms including Sky Store, iTunes, Amazon and Google Play.


After premiering at Shriekfest and snatching the Jury Prize from Nevermore Film Festival as well as Best Feature Film and Director awards at Macabre Faire, Alex Drummond’s debut pits a talented cast of horror and comedy rising stars, including Kurt Ela (The Muppets, Blunt Talk), Rachael Drummond (2 Broke Girls, Parks and Recreation), and Evan Gamble (Supernatural, Mad Men), against their own Los Angeles zombie surburbia in his script about an outbreak beginning whilst a group of friends celebrate a baby shower.


See the UK trailer here:


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