August Movies

Short Film Spotlight ‘Super’




One of the shorts that premiered at last year’s SCREAMFEST LA is the Matt Inn’s piece SUPER. This kiwi horror short shows what happens when a deviant soul of a man tries to do harm to the wrong woman. The short is now available online to see and of course we have it ahead. As usual our own Travis Brown gives his thoughts on the short so make sure to check out his review on SUPER.



We have all in our lives visited that magical land in our heads called “what if”.  A common thread is what if we had super powers? What would they be and what would we do with them? Nine times out of ten most people would turn to crime but of few of us would don the cape and mask for the greater good. In Matt Inn’s SUPER we  find your typical dispelled youth who encounters a wretched individual bent on doing her harm. In this social justice feminism world that we currently exist in Inn’s creates a smart approach with SUPER. The short is tension based and to the point just like the title. Not only does it look fantastic but the climatic ending is spot on with what you would expect in showcasing true justice for our main character.

3 /5

-Travis Brown



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