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HMUNCUT visits ‘Shock Treatment’ live interactive horror experience


During a visit to Kansas City on labor day weekend, our own Travis Brown got a chance to visit something special. All across America people are looking for new ways to be afraid and for horror fans we always seem to know what we would do if we found ourselves in a bind. Or do we? Well Travis along with friends film director Jill Sixx, her Slaughter Moviehouse and retro game enthusiast partner in crime Scary Gary and childhood friend Christine Clayton all took a small preview of the next big thing. That thing was Adam Roberts latest creation SHOCK TREATMENT. Robert is no stranger to the scene with his Screenland Armour Theatre and Tapcade Bar. Though Shock Treatment is his new baby and he wants to make sure those who attend are truly getting a unique experience. Read Travis’ no spoiler review of ahead for SHOCK TREATMENT.

-So I’ve been to the local escape the rooms here in STL and from the start I could tell this was something different. It really has nothing to do with trying to escape anything, this is all about survival!. We were told the synopsis of tonight’s theme and shortly after we were thrust right into the fray. This is also vastly different than a haunted house where you are just wandering down a path, there are goals and objectives you need to achieve. It’s embarrassing to say as horror enthusiasts we didn’t achieve much but man did we have a hell of a time! I can’t wait to come back!. The precision and execution of the cast was top notch and as long as you go with it you really feel as if you are in a horror movie. I would advise you not to go with any jerks as I could see how this could become somewhat annoying with people acting foolish rather than playing their part. Luckily we had a great group but just couldn’t handle the task. It’s not a bad thing because it has me yearning for more especially when I was told about the other options SHOCK TREATMENT has to offer. If you live in the KCMO/COMO/KCKS area or even here in STL this for sure needs to be on your October “to do” list!


4 / 5



For more information on SHOCK TREATMENT visit:





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