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Barbies and body cream ‘Dolly Deadly’ – movie review


Photograph taken on the set of Dolly Deadly during a shoot in February 2014!

Photograph taken on the set of Dolly Deadly during a shoot in February 2014!

When you were a kid growing up there was also a taboo issue of guys playing with dolls. The funny thing is most of these guys became fashion designers with no implication on their sexual orientation. Filmmaker Heidi Moore decided to take it a step further in a MANIAC jr vibe with her feature DOLLY DEADLY.  The movie follows an eight year old that finally gets revenge on those around him that pretty much treat him as dirt. It’s a very entertaining indie feature with enough gore and ooze to make you rethink about that wrinkle cream in your grandma’s medicine cabinet.


Benji is not the ordinary loner kid only due to the fact that he has an obsession with dolls and his dead mother. Not so much Norman Bates but not far off either. Honestly he has the charm of one of the McFly children and getting picked on by all those around him is nothing new. Moore takes it to the extreme to showcase the dread this young man feels every day. His grandma is a drunk who sales ineffective and dangerous cosmetics and her boyfriends and neighbors aren’t anything to write home about either. What makes DOLLY DEAD stand out is the awesome dream sequences that truly show the depths of disturbing nature of Benji. That mixed with the troma styled gore provides a great amount of entertainment. The only issue with DOLLY is you kind of get the point early and the film starts to drag a bit. I found myself saying “just kill them already” as the film went on and on showing his despair. By the time the true action happens it’s way overdue but luckily for the viewers Benji’s look is fantastic and really brings that true slasher vibe to his character.


DOLLY DEADLY is load of fun. Honestly the end of the film wanted me to see more as I love the route it took. Fans of indie horror will surely get a kick out of this film and I can see why it did well in festival selections. If you can get pass the slow churning through the middle there is tons to like with DOLLY DEADLY as a wonderful entry into the slasher genre!


3.0 / 5


DOLLY DEADLY is directed by Heidi Moore  and stars Justin Moore, Jay Sosnicki, Kimberly West-Carroll, Dana Nelson, Lars Moore, Paloma Couoh and Donny Gonzales.


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