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Captivating and sadistic ‘The Stylist’ – short film review




Often times we take services that people do for granted. Have you ever bought food from a restaurant on a bad day, was rude to the server and thought “damn did they spit in my food?”.  It’s more common than you think and when you actually work in the service industry you must sometimes wear a bulletproof jacket. Why? Because the “customer is always right!”. In the latest short from Jill Sixx Gevargizian THE STYLIST we find the impeccable Najarra Townsend finding herself in that role. Immensely soft colors mixed with a stellar performance makes THE STYLIST everything and more. Eons above her previous work Sixx and writer Eric Havens teamed with John Pata deliver a dark and sinister portrayal of a truly lost soul.

From the minute THE STYLIST starts we are introduced to a coffee house styled horror. No better way to show the essence of the expanding hipster KC lifestyle than the look and feel the short delivers. Townsend is wonderful and her counterpart in Jennifer Plas is spot on as the character you love to hate. There is an uneasy tension that builds up to the ultimate climax in the film but the ending showcases the most rewarding parts.

Jennifer Plas in THE STYLIST

Jennifer Plas in THE STYLIST

Strong, fulfilling and truly it’s own work of art encompasses THE STYLIST. Rumors of a full length version is very welcoming as there is so much more to see on the story of Claire and her obsessions. If there was a female short version of PSYCHO It would be THE STYLIST. The future is bright for everyone involved in the project and we can’t wait to see what either of them brings to the screen next.


4 / 5


THE STYLIST is playing at select festivals world wide. For updates on screenings and more visit the site at http://www.sixxtape.com/


THE STYLIST is directed by Jill Sixx Gevargizian, written by Eric Havens and stars Najarra Townsend, Jennifer Plas and Pepper.



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