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Pasta la vista, baby! ‘SpaghettiMan’ reviewed



A dark night on a dimly lit side-walk. A woman walks home alone, clutching her bag close to her chest. Suddenly, a hooded man jumps out of the shadows, brandishing a glinting blade. The woman screams as the man demands she give him all of her belongings. But wait! Another figure arrives on the scene, clad in blue and red and with a… paper bag on his head?! The thief is caught off guard. Splat! A heap of spaghetti hits the criminal straight in the face. He drops to the floor unconscious… somewhat inexplicably it has to be said.

And so goes a typical crime fighting scene in the life of the world’s most unlikely hero – SpaghettiMan. The film itself – brought to us from the creative minds behind the hit YouTube sketch show team Heckbender – is a classic superhero origin story, but with an anarchic, unconventional twist.

Clark is a typical slacker – apathetic, somewhat nihilistic and wary of any kind of real responsibility. Hard on his luck after losing his job as a pizza delivery guy, Clark consoles himself with a nice bowl of warmed up spaghetti – straight out of the microwave of course. But when the microwave goes haywire and malfunctions in a dramatic manner, Clark is transformed into SpaghettiMan. His powers are best seen to be believed, for comic effect alone, but it’s how Clark deals with these new found abilities that forms the basis for  the film’s charm and humour.

You see, Clark isn’t your typical square-jawed hero determined to serve out justice and change the world for the better. On the contrary, he’s quite the opposite – an anti-hero if you will – his main concern being making some quick cash to pay his rent and spend whatever’s left on himself. Which is how we find ourselves back at the scene where Spaghetti Man is confronting the dangerous mugger – except now he is hitting her up for whatever spare cash she might have as way of compensation – like a true street hustler.

The best thing about Spaghetti Man is that it’s genuinely very funny. There are lots of wonderful slapstick comedy moments and a whole host of messed up dubious characters. Sometimes, making the transition from sketch show to feature film is perilous as the two are very different mediums, but in the case, the shift is seamless and a perfect between sketch based comedy and plot momentum is achieved. The humour is very silly, but very well executed. It’s a laugh-along treat throughout.

4 / 5

Spaghetti Man is in theatres and available on VOD now from Uncork’d Entertainment.


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