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Arcanum Pictures introduces you to ‘Dead Kids Club’ with ‘Givetaker’




During Fantastic Fest the viewers were introduced to the world of writer Peter S. Hall and director Paul Gandersman with their short GIVERTAKER. Little did the patrons know that they were witnessing something greater. The short involves a young girl enacting revenge on her classmates in 90’s style fashion. This small feature will eventually become a part of DEAD KIDS CLUB, which is a bunch of interwoven tales from Arcanum Pictures. The GIVERTAKER short is available to see now and we have it below, but look out for the full workings of DEAD KIDS CLUB soon!

Arcanum Pictures has released online the short film Givertaker, which recently had its world premiere at Fantastic Fest.

Written by Peter S. Hall and directed by Paul Gandersman, Givertaker is a short film love letter to ’90s teen horror of all forms. Starring Nell Kessler, Caiti Ward (Rooster Teeth’s “RWBY”), Jessica Perrin (Found Footage 3D), Sharmita Bhattacharya (iGirlfriend) and John James Pepper, Givertaker is the fun genre story of Sarah, an angry teen who conducts an ancient ritual to seek revenge on the classmates she believes have wronged her.

Givertaker also serves as a proof-of-concept introduction to the world of Arcanum Pictures’ Dead Kids Club and its interwoven stories of teenagers, transgressions and a town filled with all manner of different supernatural elements.




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