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3 new clips from ‘Antidote’




Tomorrow across all VOD platforms the Terror Films latest thriller ANTIDOTE will be available. To coincide with the release the studio has released three new clips from the Craig and Pete DiFolco film. ANTIDOTE follows a brother and sister in law that heads to a shelter during a plague and must deal with a treacherous virus. Take a glance at the clips ahead and look for a review from us in the near future!

Terror Films is releasing three new clips (“The Barn,” “Peeling the Sock” and “A Body in the Woods”) from Antidote, to mark its release today. Directed by Craig and Pete DiFolco, the film stars: Kathleen Wise and Michael Izquierdo as a brother and sister-in-law. They are looking for shelter in a post-apocalyptic, plague-ridden world. Facing unimaginable horrors, Matthew (Izquierdo) suddenly becomes infected and the only possible cure slowly drives him mad. Antidote also stars: Kate Flanagan and Matthew Rauch (Banshee).  It was an official selection at Screamfest and the New York City Horror Film Festival. And, it is available now!

The film is available today across major digital platforms including iTunes, Amazon Instant, YouTube, Xbox, VUDU, PlayStation, Vimeo On Demand and Google Play. The film will also be released on Amazon Prime, the 24-Hour Movie Channel (Roku) and cable VOD, at a later date. Take a look at some never before seen clips and the official trailer!

“A Body in the Woods” Clip:

“Peeling the Sock” Clip:

“The Barn” Clip:

Official Trailer:

Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/antidotefilm/
For more information on Terror Films, go to: http://www.terrorfilms.net


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