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Screamfest LA 2016′ ‘Trash Fire’ – movie review



Trash Fire: Does religion dictate how we should base our relationships with family and our significant others? Director Richard Bates Jr. third movie Trash Fire, focuses on how relationships can take a quick turn, once expectations haven’t been fulfilled from each partner. How their own emotional messes with relationships, with their family and even the relationship they have with themselves can lead to pain, suffering, and religious damnation.

Trash Fire stars the attractive Adrian Grenier (from Entourage) who portrays the main character Owen. Owen is a self-absorbed, sarcastic prick who has a deep seeded angry and guilt for things in his past which effect how his current relationships progress. More so with us current long-term girlfriend Isabel played by Angela Trimbur. Their relationship has been a bumpy road and has come to consistent bickering, therapy and even there sex life has been more of a job for Isabel then pleasure. You learn all of their issues right away. Owen has shown his disinterest in all aspects of Isabel’s life, may it be with her family or her friends. Owens one liners that he gives to anyone he encounters are rude, crude and slightly funny, but it has gotten to the point where Isabel can’t handle it anymore and she also doesn’t spare any feelings when it comes to Owen and how she truly feels.



A major portion of Trash Fire goes through the layers of Owen’s self-guilt and the secrets of his family. Even though Owen tries to explain how horrible Violet (his grandmother) is to Isabel, though she only gets her full understand of the crazy religious zealot until she experiences her psychosis and rude abrasive language. You can kind of see where Owen gets his brash personality. While at Violet’s you are continuously reminded that Pearl(his sister) has 80% of her body burned and you see how she lives as a recluse and hides her secret pleasures. You only see Pearl until she is ready to revel herself and that is when the pure horror is truly reveled.


TRASH FIRE is directed by Richard Bates Jr and stars Adrian Grenier, Angela Trimbur, AnnaLynne McCord, Fionnula Flanagan, Matthew Gray Gubler and Ray Santiago.


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