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The impact of your sins ‘The Windmill’ – movie review



Often times people in society feel like they can do harm to others with no reciprocation. Everyone knows karma is a b*** but how many people get away with day to day evil with no consequence? In the feature from Nick Jongerius THE WINDMILL or THE WINDMILL MASSACRE we see a group entering their own versions of hell. What seems to be a harmless trip into the Dutch open roads becomes an unforgettable night for some characters with shady pasts. New life has been brought into the slasher genre with the intense look of the killer. How does THE WINDMILL measure up? Let’s find out.

THE WINDMILL introduces us to Jennifer who seems to be running from something terrible in her past. Unfortunately for her so is the rest of the bunch she comes to meet on this tour. An detrimental moment causes the group to get stranded and one by one they enter into their own realm of purgatory exposing their secrets. There’s a lot going on in THE WINDMILL as it’s more than just a truly violent slasher romp. The viewer will be compelled to look into the mirror at their own demons as they see the fates of characters play out. The sheer violence in the feature is very reminiscent of films like HATCHET with grisly demises and a gore filled display horror films will enjoy. The overall theme and story is what makes THE WINDMILL as the roles are pretty interchangeable. Still the cast is so unique that each member could have been Jennifer to spark off the start of this tale. If you have ever watched a movie dealing with people that have something to hide then THE WINDMILL will fit perfectly in that category.



THE WINDMILL kicks off into action from the start and doesn’t allow the viewer anytime to get comfortable. Outside of the somewhat cheesy display of deaths that become repetitive there isn’t much to dislike. One would have to truly pay attention to the back stories of these souls to get true admiration for the film. THE WINDMILL is on a fine line of a run of the mill horror and a truly engaging piece. Which way it sways will be up to the viewer. Regardless it’s sharp and to the point and you can never go wrong with a horror flick of that caliber.


3.5 /5


THE WINDMILL is directed by Nick Jongerius and stars Charlotte Beaumont, Bart Klever, Patrick Baladi, Ben Batt, Fiona Hampton, Tanroh Ishida, Adam Thomas Wright, and Noah Taylor. It will be available on VOD on October 25th and in theaters on October 28th courtesy of XLrator Media.



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