El Rey Network

El Rey Network Presents: “The People’s Network Showcase: Horror Edition”

I’ve had the El Rey Network on our cable package for a while now, and it’s always been a favorite of mine not only for the badass selection of films they air, but because you can see how much Robert Rodriguez and his network truly appreciate said films. I’ve yet to see a television network put so much focus on the directors and the filmmaking process like this one does.

That’s exactly what their latest special “The People’s Network Showcase: Horror Edition” does. Hosted by John Carpenter (does it get any better?), the showcase features 10 horror shorts submitted by up-and-coming indie filmmakers.
As can be expected, though, all of them aren’t exactly “winners.” There were a few shorts that lost me (which is hard to do considering they’re only a few minutes long), like the middle shorts “Love and Dating: in LA!” and “The Gnome”, but fortunately the good ones far outweighed the bad. “Nearsighted” from director Joe Price took an action as simple as taking out your contacts to a whole other supernatural level that MIGHT have made me jump more than once. “The Smiling Man” from director AJ Briones is one that has been floating around the internet for a few months now and is best viewed/listened to with headphones on in a dark room. Eek! “All You Can Eat” from director Tommy Groth reminded you why you should be fearful of clowns.
The showcase ended with a short from directors David Dinetz & Dylan Trussell, “Chainsaw”, which was produced by Eli Roth. You can definitely tell this one had a bigger budget and a boatload of gore (for obvious reasons), but was one of the weaker shorts, which was a bummer considering it was the send-off for the show.
“The People’s Network Showcase: Horror Edition” presents such a great opportunity for indie filmmakers to get their work out there and be seen. For us viewers, it’s a fun and fascinating way to hear the directors talk about BTS info and the overall process of creating their shorts. You definitely don’t want to miss out on watching this!

The two-hour special hosted by John Carpenter, the master of horror films, will air on Sunday, October 30 at 8PM ET.


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