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From one creature to another, no one is safe ‘The Monster’ – movie review



It’s crazy how the mistakes of the past still play a huge role in today’s society. One of the biggest concerns is trying to keep a family together. Around the world young mothers struggle to make ends meet but some have more things on their mind than being a parent. In Bryan Bertino’s THE MONSTER we come across a young mother who seems to be too much of a fan of the party life than being a responsible for her daughter. On a routine but delayed trip to give her to her father the two stumble into a night of terror on the open road. THE MONSTER is a compelling creature feature that shows not only a vicious being in the woods , but also one in the car.

The performances by the Zoe Kazan and Ella Ballentine are tremendous. They really set the tone in this CUJO styled thriller. The two spend a majority of the time on screen and from the start you immediately see how volatile their relationship is. Most of us have seen a parent /child combination where the one whole should be in charge isn’t. From there it’s a clear understanding of what’s to expect followed by the carnage witnessed on the screen.The only downfall in the movie is the constant reminder of the their issues instead of upping the body count a tad bit more. Still THE MONSTER is an engaging and beautifully dark feature that will keep moviegoers on the edge of their seats.

Creature films are usually over the top and while THE MONSTER has a few of these moments it’s not over bearing. Bertino puts together an isolated journey of terror that rivals any forbidden road films from the past. The slow burning nature of the film may be a little too much for most but once they get into the background of the two main actors they will cheer on for their survival. THE MONSTER isn’t overwhelming but a solid entry into the creature feature category.


THE MONSTER is directed by Bryan Bertino and stars Zoe Kazan, Ella Ballentine and Scott Speedman. It is available now exclusively on DirectTV and in theaters and on demand on November 11th courtesy of A24.


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