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BITS 2016 : ‘Capture Kill Release’ – movie review



The timeless question of what would you do for love? Would you steal for it? Or would you kill for it? In the Bryan Stewart and Nick McAnulty feature CAPTURE KILL RELEASE a couple takes their affection to the ultimate limits and find out how real things can get. CAPTURE KILL RELEASE is an in your face burner that will make every men question if the hot crazy chick you are with worth it.

Shot almost entirely in POV, CAPTURE KILL RELEASE follows the budding “let’s get away with murder’ romance between Jennifer and Farhang. What starts off like a seemingly harmless joke quickly turns into a reality that holds no boundaries. As events play out all is not what it seems with the couple and that’s when the magic of the film truly happens. Jennifer and Farhang are great together and really achieve the task of drawing the viewers into their developing story. Just your normal trip to Home Depot “Dexter” style could be a tagline used to describe this film. Not too much shakiness with the camera helps tremendously as the story starts to pick up and turn more sinister minute by minute. Romance is something that certain viewers would miss in this film but the characters play their part to a “t” showcasing true love throughout. The best thing about the written direction of Jennifer and Farhang is they could be any couple you meet on the street. We have all been victims of a road rage styled plight to murder the Sunday drivers, but these two take it a tad bit further.

Here is to hoping CAPTURE KILL RELEASE gets a proper distribution release as it’s a film that should do well. It speaks to our conscious as the killer in all of us resides deep plotting every move to get rid of our prey. Stewart, McAnulty and crew do a fine job bringing this to life and it makes it a film you want to be on the look out for once it leaves the festival circuit.

4 / 5

CAPTURE KILL RELEASE is directed by Nick McAnulty and Brian Allan Stewart. It stars Jennifer Fraser,Farhang Ghajar, Jonathan Gates, Rich Piatkowski and Christina Schimmel.


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