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BITS 2016 : ‘Holy Hell’ -movie review



The wrath of the lord is upon us in the latest feature starring and directed by Ryan LaPlante HOLY HELL. Not to be confused by the documentary with the same name this film follows a priest on the warpath. After a traumatic incident dealing with a sick and twisted family the priest is reborn. No longer abiding by the rules of god he now only trusts one thing, his gun “the lord”.

Chaos and disorder is what’s in store in this over the top movie. HOLY HELL is an unapologetic rollercoaster of a film that’s reminiscent of grindhouse features. From scene to scene HOLY HELL gets more and more vulgar and doesn’t let up on the shock and gore meter for one bit. A few years ago indie films were filled with this kind of genre and HOLY HELL fits right into that fold. Viewers will be highly entertained if they can see the movie for what it is. No need to look for anything smart or cunning here, it’s what you see is what you get. HOLY HELL has late night cult romp written all over it. From some it will be epically entertaining and for others they will shut it off after the first 10 mins.

HOLY HELL is a very polarizing film but fun and addictive to watch. It’s not surprising that it won a few awards because these types of films have their place in horror. The goal is shock and shock even more. HOLY HELL satisfies this need to the next level. For those faint of heart stay away as this film is not for you. For the beer and rowdy crowd the Ryan LaPlante film is right in your wheelhouse so make sure you get your hands on this when it’s available.

3/ 5


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