Horror Movie Reviews

BITS 2016 : ‘The Unseen’ – movie review



Over the years, we have seen our classic monsters from the 1930’s like the Wolf Man, Dracula, and Frankenstein return to the screen for us to fall in love with them time and time again. There has been one classic monster that hasn’t had as many frequent revisits as his other counterparts, but whose story is just as compelling. Director Geoff Redknap takes a turn at this misunderstood/misfortune character in his debut film The Unseen, which brings you the turmoil and heartache of his Invisible Man.

Director Geoff Redknap has created a film that takes a spin on what you would expect from an Invisible Man film. Redknap has taken a man (Bob), who has chosen to live a solitary life, hiding himself within the mass of nameless employees at his job and drinks away his pain and loneliness. Bob’s life wasn’t always a life of being a loner and keeping in seclusion. He had a happy family with a loving wife and daughter and a career that made a name for him self. As life/shit tends to happen that some of us know so well. Things can easily fall apart right in from of your eyes as you realize how unseen you can truly become. Knowing the story of the Invisible Man, Geoff Redknap took his version to give Bob a disease, that isn’t just the vanishing of limbs like our classic monster, but he vanishes layer-by-layer, tissue, to muscle to bone. Seeing this progression is utterly painful and you start to feel a deep sadness for Bob, as he has had to leave his ex-wife and now teenage daughter Eva behind to relieve them of horror he is becoming.

Even though The Unseen focuses on the idea of Invisible Man, it also takes the audience down the road of a family drama. The true core of the movie is the mending of a father and daughters broken relationship. As you see Bob bundled up physically trying to hide the fact that he is wasting away, he is also bundled up mentally and emotionally from his daughter and has to learn how to let the layers disappear.

The Unseen is a film that will be loved by viewers who value a true character build and can feel all the emotions that the characters are experiencing. Through all the twists and situations Bob has to go through you never lose site of the relationships he has and how it is effecting him mentally and physically.




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