Artsploitation Films

Brazilian horror ‘The Devil Lives Here’ on demand and DVD next week



The folks over at Artsploitation Films know how to pick them. Next week they are set to deliver a festival favorite in Rodrigo Gasparini and Dante Vescio THE DEVIL LIVES HERE. This stunning and graphic dig into the abyss follows a group of three friends set to visit another’s family farm. What they don’t know is there is pure evil that exists in this place that goes back through many generations. Artsploitation Films will release THE DEVIL LIVES here on DVD and VOD on December 13th. Check out the trailer and details for this can’t miss foreign horror.

Four teenagers get caught up in the midst of a deadly war between dark, ancient forces in a far away countryhouse in The Devil Lives Here (aka: O Diabo Mora Aqui, The Fostering). The film enjoyed a world-wide festival run (including Sitges Film Festival, Morbido FilmFest, Brussels International Film Festival) and was the winner of Best Foreign Film at the 2016 FilmQuest.



Three friends, Ale, Magu and Jorge, go on a trip to visit their friend Apolo at his family’s farm for a weekend of fun. At the same time, Sebastião and his younger brother Luciano are getting ready to perform the spiritual ritual their family has been tasked with every nine months, for centuries. On the night the two groups meet, they find out that what they thought were scary tales becomes more than real. It is now up to them to prevent evil to be born and take over the world


THE DEVIL LIVES HERE is directed by Rodrigo Gasparini and Dante Vescio and stars Pedro Carvalho, Ivo Müller, Sidney Santiago, Clara Verdier, Diego Goullart, Pedro Caetano, Felipe Frazão and Mariana Cortines.


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