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Unconditional love is terrifying ‘Siren’ – movie review



A movie that turned some much needed attention to the horror world was the outrageous V/H/S. Even though it spawned good sequels there is nothing like the first incarnation. In the film one of segments was titled AMATUER NIGHT. The story involved three bros that felt the wrath of an unforgettable character by the name of Lily. With her split face and winged grace she left a haunting image burned in the minds of us all. Well Lily is back and this time she is under the direction of Gregg Bishop in the feature SIREN. This time around we find out more about the origins of her and a group comes across her captors during a bachelor weekend. Fun and filled with the obscure SIREN is a nice addition to the lore of Hannah Fierman otherwise known as Lily.

Sirens are mythical creatures that lured sailors to their deaths with their magical and hypnotic signing. Lily happens to be one of these creatures and after being summoned she is captured by a man who seems to be a collector of certain deadly monsters. That’s the cool factor of SIREN. Picture Frankenstein being taken to a freak show and that will clue you in on the culture in the film. Also a guy by the name of Jonah (Chase Williamson) is about to get married and his friends want to give him the weekend he never forgets. It becomes that and much more as they try to survive the horrors that await them. In typical buddy movie fashion SIREN has all the making for an enjoyable feature for any fan. Hannah of course steals the show in any scene she is in as the story around her gets revved up. There are tons of laughs and quite a hint of violence in the film so it’s a casual watch that may not be on anyone’s year end list but still a solid.

The lore surrounding Lily has a another chapter and hopefully there is more to come. Although cheesy at times SIREN is a steady monster film of a beloved character in the current horror realm. SIREN should do well once it hits home entertainment especially when people are reminded of the star of the film. Grab this one and see for yourself when it’s available and remember “I like you”.

3/ 5

SIREN is directed by Gregg Bishop and stars Chase Williamson, Justin Welborn, Michael Aaron Milligan, Hayes Mercure, Randy McDowell and Hannah Fierman. It’s available in limited theaters now and hits DVD and VOD on December 6th courtesy of Chiller Films.


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