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Episode Recap ‘Ravenwolf Towers’ 1 “Bad Mary”




It’s not that we intend on going through every episode of the new series from Full Moon Features creator Charles Band RAVENWOLF TOWERS. We do want to give you a glimpse into the strange world with a few thoughts on the first episode that is currently on their Amazon Channel and FullMoonStreaming.com. The first episode gives an introduction to eerie world of the towers and truly is reminiscent of shows like DARK SHADOWS.


We meet Jake who is the new asst. manager of the building but his duties resemble more of a handyman. When he is asked to fix a leak from one of the strange tenants who live there he meets Mary. An innocent looking beautiful woman who has never seen the world outside of the walls of the tower. More is at play in the tower as we see monsters hiding in closets waiting to feasts and a deranged family whose leader seems to be on his deathbed. Dark is a lukewarm word to describe the first episode of RAVENWOLF TOWERS. There are clearly many tales woven around the building with the possibility of each one being more terrifying than the other. You are taken back to your roots of television horror with RAVENWOLF TOWERS and that’s something to celebrate.


Only time will tell how well the show does that will air an episode each full moon. So there is more than enough time for you to head over and check out the first episode now. We suggest you do as we intend on at least checking out the rest of of the series for our own personal satisfaction!


3.5 / 5



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