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More goodies from witches flick ‘Reel Nightmare’


 Still of Madeleine Heil as Sophia in Reel Nightmare

Still of Madeleine Heil as Sophia in Reel Nightmare

Back in December we released the first still for the vengeful witch film REEL NIGHTMARE. Well the studio is set to release the film soon and have released a few more images from the the film. The story follows a woman that unknowingly releases a group of witches back to our world that are hell bent on destruction. Together Magic will release the film on on demand on February 7th. Check out the new images below and look for a review from us soon!

Three vengeful witches are summoned back from the dead after a skeptic young woman reads from their Necronomicon in Together Magic Films’ thrilling new horror feature “Reel Nightmare.”


But were the so-called “Goodwin Witches” pure evil as the New England locals believe, or were they strong and powerful women who fell victim to a cruel witch hunt? Find out the truth on February 7, when “Reel Nightmare” will be released on Digital HD and VOD in the United States.


“Three witches awakened by an ancient book, the Necronomicon, bring production of a film in their old family home to a deadly halt.”

Together Magic Films will release “Reel Nightmare” in the United States via Amazon Video, and Vimeo On Demand beginning February 7. The trailer will debut on that day.



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