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Horror Tease: Follow up sequel ‘Within Madness: The Chapel Tapes’


Currently under production is the follow up to the J.M. Stelly feature  WITHIN MADNESS, WITHIN MADNESS: THE CHAPEL TAPES follows the story of found footage tapes of two devious men. From there it kicks off a whirlwind of events that the officers that found them may never recover from. The film is currently in fundraising mode and patrons and contribute here. Read on for all the details on the film and check out the first teaser poster for WITHIN MADNESS: THE CHAPEL TAPES.

From J. M. Stelly, writer and director of Within Madness, ABACUS, and The Doctor’s Apprentice along with LC Films and Anatomica Productions comes Within Madness: The Chapel Tapes. Set in the year 2006, Chapel Tapes is the story of Mark Chapel and Gregory Alexander. two friends who’s lust for slavery turns into a world of death and pain as told through the eyes of Gregory and the tapes they recorded with their friend Vaughn Neil.  

In 2006 a raid on a house belonging to a local artist, Vaughn Neil, somewhere in rural Louisiana, turned up over fifteen tapes depicting the horrible acts of two men, Mark Chapel and Gregory Alexander. During a one on one interview with Gregory, the police try to reconstruct the events of the last two years and how they used online resources to attract and entrap young females for their own personal and sexual deviance’s. Known as The Chapel Tapes, the police are horrified to find out that what started out as merely underground porn and slave play soon turned into torture, rape and murder unlike anything they had ever seen and what’s worse is Mark Chapel has gone missing. Through these tapes, Gregory’s interview, and taped journals, we revisit this world of horror as the police try to figure out the next move of one of Louisiana’s most prolific killers.  

Within Madness: The Chapel Tapes is inspired by the tapes of Leonard Lake and Charles Ng and takes you on a roller coaster ride straight into the world of a Hell rarely seen by the public but often studied by criminal investigators. The Chapel Tapes is a window into the violent existence and actions of two men their exquisite obsession with lust, pain, slavery and death.


Buy the original Within Madness:

Directed and Written by J. M. Stelly (Within Madness, ABACUS, The Doctor’s Apprentice) and stars Jared Bankens (Quarry, ABACUS) as Mark Chapel and Matt Story (Within Madness, ABACUS) as Gregory Alexander. Produced by J. M. Stelly, Chad Story (Within Madness, ABACUS) as Gregory Alexander. Produced by J. M. Stelly, Chad Armstrong (LC Films, Deimosimine) and Beau Chaney (Zipper, ABACUS). The film’s IndieGoGo is live and will stay live for 30 Days to raise money and give the fans of horror great perks you won’t get anywhere else.



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