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Strange neighbors make for interesting serial killers ‘Laundry Man’ – movie review


LAUNDRY MAN courtesy of SGL Entertainment

LAUNDRY MAN courtesy of SGL Entertainment

BDSM, body disposal and loose detective work is what’s in store for the Johan Vandewoestijne serial killer romp LAUNDRY MAN. After getting caught, a very confident killer explains to the detectives his motives behind killing and how he plotted on each victim. LAUNDRY MAN is so bad it’s good , but a little too slow paced for the normal gorehound. The good, the bad and the ugly is a fitting definition to describe LAUNDRY MAN as the film is not for the faint of heart. Still “B” and genre movie enthusiasts will eat this up with the fun involved in the carnage.


Anyone who has lived in an apartment building or went to college knows about the weird guy you always see in the laundry room. Unfortunately for the people that come across this fellow they reach an untimely demise. Sloppy and chaotic is his behavior in regards to getting rid of his victims. From hydriodic acid in chilli to bags of heads found throughout his apartment LAUNDRY MAN is the epitome of decrepit. It is a poor man’s MANIAC which speaks volumes for a film of that caliber.


The true downside to LAUNDRY MAN is the time it takes for events to develop. It is known from the start he’s not the smartest guy but this tends to get drawn out. If this film was a tad bit shorter with a quicker pace there would be more to enjoy with the overall presentation. Still if you are a fan of the gross, the violent and the “wtf” am I watching then make sure you give this a view.


2.5 / 5


LAUNDRY MAN is directed by Johan Vandewoestijne and stars Gunther Vanhuysse, Ignace Paepe, Sharon Slosse, Adam Fellows, Kristel Breugelmans, Martin van Maris, Ziva Marshall and Eddy Van de Putte. It is available on demand, blu ray and DVD courtesy of SGL Entertainment.


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