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Our imagination goes bump in the night ‘The Bye Bye Man’ – movie review



Society and folklore, creates urban legends, and things that go bump in the night to keep us scared, entertained. These tails of creepy tall men, ghostly figures that hide in the corners or under the bed in your room, or even if you look in a mirror and say their name three times they will appear to take your last breath. These are all creepy characters that throughout time have scared or spooked many people and even created the best childhood pranks.

The Bye Bye Man directed by Stacy Title gives her audience a new version of the Grim Reaper. Don’t think it, Don’t Say it or The Bye Bye Man will come for you. Once he is in your head, once you have seen him, he will come for you and all you have told his name to will discover his wrath. As humans we have the nature of dwelling on things, over thinking, and pondering on the utter most miserable, stressful things going on in our lives.

It is so hard to just let it go, brush it off your shoulders and move on. To put positive energy out into the universe is challenging for most people. So a character who feeds off, you thinking his name or even saying it because you feel getting it out will give some relief but really it will just bring you closer to your demise and the dreaded man and his evil hound. You cannot escape his wrath from the moment you say his name, he continues to come until he takes you once and for all.

Stacy Title has created a villain that modern day horror fans and film audiences can see a connection on how our imagination and our thoughts can take control and manifest the things we fear. Though the idea of this new villain is good there are things that are missing within the film itself. Throughout the film you don’t get clear understanding of the characters or even the villain himself. There are hints of their pasts and the horrible things that have happened to them but you only get the plain sheet of there true persona. Outside of honing on the idea that our subconscious can create a horrible villain you don’t the myth behind the Bye Bye Man himself. Where did he really come from? Overall, there is potential, for a millennial fan horror movie franchise and the concept of using ones subconscious to create a villain does justice.


THE BYE BYE MAN  is directed by  Stacy Title and stars Carrie-Anne Moss, Faye Dunaway, Douglas Smith, Cressida  Bonas, Lucien Laviscount and Douglas Jones.


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