Film Festival

‘Patient Zero’ out ‘Raw’ is in at Glasgow FrightFest


Unfortunately moviegoers won’t get a chance to see PATIENT ZERO at this years Glasgow FrightFest/ Don’t fret as the replacement film is just as spectacular! It’s the highly anticipated French horror from Julia Ducournau RAW. This is a special treat for the fest and read ahead for the details on the screening!

SAT 25 FEB – GFT Screen 1

18:55 RAW (Preview)

The Cannes Critics Week winner of numerous awards at every major fantasy festival, director Julia Ducournau’s debut feature about one woman’s awakening to the pleasures of the flesh both returns French horror cinema to genre extremes. Bold, daring, provocative and shocking, shy vegetarian Justine attends her first year at vetinarian college and is forced into eating raw liver in a vicious hazing process by older students. But soon she develops an unhealthy taste for meat and her new carnivore persona drives her to commit acts of increasing savagery as her unquenched sexual urges turn into an appetite for human flesh.

RAW is directed Julia Ducournau and stars Garance Marillier, Ella Rumpf and Rabah Nait Oufella.



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