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Sci fi thriller ‘Cord’ on iTunes this week


CORD / One Eyed Films

CORD / One Eyed Films

From Journeyman Pictures and One Eyed Films comes the sci fi feature from Pablo Gonzalez CORD. In a futuristic world where water is low, sexual contact is prohibited. One man comes up with a machine to destroy the inhibitions with consequences. Look for CORD to hit iTunes on January 24th along with other VOD outlets.

‘CORD’‘ a dystopian scifi about a post  apocalyptic future, where the scarcity of water poses a tragic   prospectfor survivors – who, for hygiene are forced    to live in a world devoid of sexual contact. Here , Czuperski, an inventor, creates a sexual pleasure  machine, as substitute for personal contact. Tension becomes high however, when Tania, a young survivor, offers her services as a test subject for  the scientist’s research.

Their world order is turned up side down when Czuperski however, turns his  affections towards Tania.  The film was awarded( PRIX DE LA CRITIQUE  –  Mauvais Genre, BEST FILM – RAVENNA Nightmare  BEST FILM,  ZOMBIE BEST ACTRESS , FANTASPORTO –  EUROPEAN INDEPENDENT  FILM FESTIVAL) is emblematic of their collaborative editorial approach to zany,  provocative, award winning   Cinema.

American fantasy comedy ‘Ratpocalypse’, here Casper van Diem as a ‘’do good ‘’ American Senator on an anti corruption mission to Moscow goes wrong when all the corrupt Russian politicians turn into life sized rats.

Once titles are released on  iTunes, they will be available on Amazon Prime.


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