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“You hate me” Rammstein: Paris concert movie to premiere worldwide this March




The dark and spectacular metal band know as RAMMSTEIN will bring their eclectic live performances to the masses.Coming from director Jonas Åkerlund and Picturehouse Entertainment, the group’s performance in France was recorded and will come to theaters worldwide this spring. Read ahead for the details of film in the text ahead and be on the lookout for RAMMSTEIN: PARIS in theaters on March 23rd!

Picturehouse Entertainment announced today that they have acquired worldwide rights (excluding Germany, Austria & Switzerland) to RAMMSTEIN: PARIS directed by renowned Swedish director Jonas Åkerlund.

In this state-of-the-art concert film, Åkerlund takes a radical new approach to capturing the emotion and thrill of Rammstein’s one-of-a-kind live performance. RAMMSTEIN: PARIS is a fast-paced feast for all the senses: a dark and spectacular fairytale laced with don’t-try-this-at-home theatrics.

The film will screen in selected cinemas across the world on 23 March. Tickets are on sale now. More information and tickets are available at www.rammstein-paris.com.

Åkerlund’s creative rendition of the all-new stage production, as performed at Paris Bercy in March 2012, takes event cinema to a whole new level, capturing the rush and grandeur of Rammstein live the way the band has always deserved.

RAMMSTEIN: PARIS is the perfect fusion of the band’s extraordinary stage show with the film editor’s craft. It is a visual feast, a celebration of Rammstein live that is both different to and in some ways better than being there – and a definite contender for the best concert film of all time.

21 years down the line, with the original line-up still intact, the six East Berliners stand at the very apex of the rock world, achieving album and DVD sales in the millions, headlining festivals and major venues around the world and selling out shows in record time (the band’s bill-topping appearance at New York’s Madison Square Garden saw the 20,000 seats snapped up in just 20 minutes!)

“Concert films are always a big challenge,” says director Jonas Åkerlund. “I compare it to shooting fireworks. The way I approach it is to try to translate the energy that you get in the room onto film, using every trick in the book to make as much of an impression as I can on the audience.”

“We shot two nights at the Bercy Arena in Paris, and we had 30 cameras, so that gives you 60 angles, plus we shot a dress rehearsal for close-ups. That gives you a massive amount of footage. This is a 2 hour 20 minute show, and I take the footage and cut it with the same precision that I would a 3-4 minute music video. Even with a big crew of editors, it took us over a year to nail down the edit.

Looking at it now – that is the strength of this project. It really brings the show alive and shows what Rammstein is all about.”

Marc Allenby, Director of Distribution at Picturehouse Entertainment, said, “At Picturehouse Entertainment, we are excited to be bringing RAMMSTEIN: PARIS to cinemas around the world. Over the last two decades, Rammstein have become one of the world’s biggest rock outfits and together with Jonas Åkerlund, they have created a unique and thrilling cinematic experience.”



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