Fright Rags unveils first Video Series inspired box set with ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’



Kicking off their first installment of their throwback Video Series FRIGHT RAGS  is bringing to fan a classic. Tobe Hooper’s masterpiece TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE screams out nostalgia and it the perfect way to start the series. Fright Rags has created a box set that includes a new shirt designed by  Richard Hescox, popcorn and some VHS stickers for the full effect. Check it out ahead and click on the link to order yours now! More will be on the way soon!

Many genre fans have vivid childhood memories of the striking artwork and titles that adorned the horror section at their local video store. Fright-Rags taps into the collective nostalgia with the first in a planned series of releases paying homage to the VHS era.


The series launches with one of the films that defines the home video era: Tobe Hooper’s The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Richard Hescox’s memorable artwork features Sally’s wide eyes watching over a haunting rendition of Leatherface.


The Texas Chainsaw Massacre box set features the design on an exclusively T-shirt and a collector’s box, plus a sheet of VHS stickers and custom microwavable popcorn. It’s limited to 300 sets. Hoodies, baseball tees, and ringer tees featuring the artwork are available separately.


Texas Chainsaw Massacre kicks off Fright-Rags’ Video Series
VHS-inspired box set & apparel available now:

“This cover taunted me as a kid,” explains Fright-Rags founder Ben Scrivens. “It was equally scary as it was mesmerizing, and it led me to rent the movie and ultimately fall in love with it. We had the pleasure of working with Richard Hescox to be able to release this design, and I couldn’t be more thrilled.”


The Texas Chainsaw Massacre – Video Series is on sale now at Quantities are limited and may sell out.



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