Horror Music

German industrial metal group ‘Taina’ drops remix with producer ‘Zardonic’; Video included




Never a band to shy away from the dark and murderous imagery of industrial metal German group TAINA has created an epic remix. The title track for their upcoming EP Seelenfresser has been remixed by producer ZARDONIC. The remix first appeared on Anti Herp Magazine but of course we have it for you to hear below. Be on the lookout for the release of the album soon and enjoy the music video!

As Industrial Rock Band TAINA gears up to release their highly anticipated Seelenfresser LP, they’ve teamed up with Electronic Music Producer ZARDONIC to release the second installment of the title track in the form of a visually intense, Official Music Video. Though technically a remix, and while “Seelenfresser (Zardonic Remix)” is full of ferocious bass and devastating drops, it’s all Metal Industrial!


I was very happy to help Taina with their career because they have major potential to become a force to be reckoned with. This is absolutely one of the most inspiring remixes I’ve done, and my fans seem to agree because they’re going nuts about it! – ZARDONIC


German Industrial band TAINA aren’t known for shying away from either horror imagery or the most brutal metal sounds, but team them up with Venezuelan electronic producer ZARDONIC and you have nothing less than a murderous monster of a track; while ZARDONIC may be internationally known as a DJ, this is NO dance remix. German for Soul Eater, today’s Exclusive Premiere, “Seelenfresser (ZARDONIC Remix),” is most definitely out to make a statement, and ZARDONIC ramps up the already intense TAINA’s bass and aggression to devastating levels! Take a listen below and check out the original HERE! – AntiHero Magazine



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