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Looking for love in all the wrong country bars ‘Dead West’ – DVD review




Upon receiving the revenge thriller from Jeff Ferrell DEAD WEST the expectation was for a devious wild west shoot em up flick. Let’s just say we were “dead” wrong. While the air of 80’s slasher meets a dark hopeless romantic tale sounds intriguing, the results are not always up to par.

The story of DEAD WEST follows a killer (Brian Sutherland) who can’t seem to find the woman of his dreams. He’s into metal but lives in Texas where his choice social release is found in country bars. He comes across a woman who he kills and her brother (Jeffrey Arrington) is hell bent out for revenge. Sounds like the making for a solid thriller but it quickly becomes a throwback slasher with little rhyme or reason for it’s existence. Really what you are watching here is a deranged serial killer more than an outlaw. His trial and tribulations with love are all on display as he becomes judge and jury for their actions. When the brother finally meets him it truly becomes a disappointing affair as the viewer gets lost in the storyline of what is being achieved here.


DEAD WEST has a comedic value and Sutherland isn’t horrible as a killer. It just seems like there was wasted potential on where this film could have went. It’s a sheer reminder of the films we loved from some time ago, even hinting at one film that’s being watched in DEAD WEST. Still we feel the viewer will be underwhelmed as the process of the movie plays out and gives a lukewarm respinse.




DEAD WEST is directed by Jeff Ferrell and stars  Jeffrey Arrington , Brian Sutherland, Meagan Karimi-Naser,  Aurelio Voltaire and Michael Joseph Draper. It is now available on DVD courtesy of RLJ Entertainment.



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