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Which witch is which? ‘Reel Nightmare’ – movie review



Reel Nightmare or also known as Reel Nightmare: Book of Witchraft, is a found footage film written and directed by Armand Petri.  Here is the thing with found footage films. Directors and writers need to remember that you have to make sure to hold the attention of your audience. Other wise its like you are watching a family home video that you have seen a thousand times. That was the overall feeling watching Reel Nightmare that made this a less then desirable entry. While there was potential to develop a solid story here the film failed to execute one of the most important thing to hold viewers captive.



In most found footage films you have a group of people who go into a creepy woods, spooky house or have some supernatural experience. But overall there are too dominate themes with death and survival. In Reel Nightmare, you have a group who decides to film there friends college thesis on the location of a creepy house and soon come to find out its dark secrets.  Armand follows this scenario to a tee and which turns out to be quite the snooze fest. The characters of the movie don’t give much substance and there personalities are lack luster. You follow them through the movie with no real care on who they are with their drab dialogue and lukewarm performances. Reel Nightmare ends with a less than stellar climax which brought the entire appeal to a halt. I feel Armand had a good idea with his story but with the way his characters were built and the delivery makes the viewer beg for more.
REEL NIGHTMARE is directed by Armand Petri and stars Madeleine Heil, Garrett Morosky and Andres Mejia Vallejo. It is available on demand now courtesy of Together Magic Films.

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