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Short film spotlight : ‘Face of 4’




The month of March is approaching and the lines of the theaters are packed with a few offerings. One person all too familiar with horror is artist and music producer Alexander Azzi. While he has had multiple songs placed in the realm of the macabre he serves up his own dish of terror and suspense with his short film FACE OF 4. In a SAW type of fashion the short deals with a man playing the ultimate game of risk with a loved one. Glance at the short ahead which originally appeared on Blumhouse and read a short review from our own Travis Brown!

Manchester, NH based Photographer/Videographer and multi-talented musician Alexander Azzi is no stranger to the horror world. Best known in the EDM music scene under the horror themed, metalstep project Drop Goblin, his 2013 single The Gate was featured on Bloody-Disgusting and “Joseph Carmichael” (inspired by the 1980 classic The Changeling) on both Bloody-Disgusting and FEARnet. And Alex has now released his debut horror short Face of 4. Originally premiered exclusively with Blumhouse.com, Face of 4 is a high tension gem that’s already garnering praise both critically and on the Awards/Film Festival circuit.


FACE OF 4 Short:


In the short FACE OF 4 we truly see a man at his wit’s end. He is placed with the decision of playing a deadly game for the life of his son. Suspense is at an all time high and the tension is nail biting. Azzi does a good job on the build up even though there is no real indication of why he and the son are there. With a short that’s not a bad thing as it leaves a lot to the imagination. The viewer truly has no idea how things will play out and that’s a good thing. FACE OF 4 is a solid short that yearns for more backstory.




3 / 5

-Travis Brown
FACE OF 4 is directed by Alexander Azzi and stars  Trip Case and William Galatis.


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