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Horror Comic Tease: ‘The Happy Few’


Here at HMU horror comics are always something we dip into when the opportunity arises. As we head into a new month we have decided to give more shine to format which let’s be honest has had a huge impact on movies and television. In steps the book which is the writing debut of former Broken Frontier Creative Director Frederik Hautain THE HAPPY FEW. The story follows a man who stumbles across an evil genius that changes his life and the city of Miami forever. There is a kickstarter that has been created for the book and you can see all the details of the crowdfunder and full page spread of the comic ahead!

Can you imagine how mighty you’d become if you knew how to put the promise of superpowers in a tiny little pill? The world would be at your feet and you’d be heralded as a God. But just how far would you go to create such a drug?

In The Happy Few, now funding on Kickstarter, former Broken Frontier Creative Director Frederik Hautain makes his longer-form comics writing debut with a story about power and powerlessness, exploring how much in control of our destinies we really are.

The Happy Few is a 48-page one-shot that centers around a cool local surfer dude named Len Jeffries who gets brutally beaten inside a Miami nightclub for hitting on the new prize girl of Mario ‘Fat Cube’ Hernandez, a local gang lord with too much platinum around his neck. As if by fate, he runs into Doctor Zeller, an evil genius who offers him a chance for retribution. All Len has to do is take one little pill, and he’ll be wielding way more power than he needs to get back at those stupid bastards… if all goes well, that is.



Joining Frederik Hautain on The Happy Few are artist Germán Erramouspe (Crossed: Badlands, God Is Dead, Grimm Vol. 2), colorist Varga Tomi (Fistful of Blood, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Ghastly Tales) and letterer Thomas Mauer (Copperhead, Four Eyes, 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank).


To gather the funds for the art, colors and letters to be completed, Hautain has launched a Kickstarter campaign at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/frederikhautain/the-happy-few.


“It’s a dream come true to be starting my comics writing career,” says Hautain. “Germán, Tomi, Thomas and I have really clicked on this project and we can’t wait for our readers to hold the book in their hands. The happy few that back our Kickstarter campaign will be in for quite the trill!”


In case of a successful Kickstarter, The Happy Few will be published by A Wave Blue World.

“After having Frederik publish my work for so long on Broken Frontier, it’s exciting to be able to flip our roles,” says AWBW publisher Tyler Chin-Tanner. “Frederik definitely has the chops to be a big time writer in this industry and the creative team he has put together for The Happy Few is top-notch! I can wait to see this project come together.”

Help Frederik Hautain launch his comics writing career and the creative team to complete its work by backing The Happy Few on Kickstarter now at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/frederikhautain/the-happy-few.



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