DVD Release

Well Go USA to release ‘Phantasm’ collection





One of the most storied franchises in horror is the PHANTASM series. Those silver balls have been haunting the minds of moviegoers for decades and WELL GO USA is bringing it all together. All five films are in one box set for fans to enjoy including a bunch of special features. Look for updates on the release soon! Check these two memorable clips from Well Go USA.


One of the MOST POPULAR franchises in the history of horror will soon be released in its entirety much to the excitement of all you PHANtastic PHANS out there! Follow Mike and Reggie as they fight to save the world from a mysterious grave robber known only as the Tall Man and his murderous horde of demonic creatures.


Phantasm: Remastered Funeral Scene (Horror 1979) – Well Go USA Entertainment:


Phantasm Remastered Clip Mike Meets The Tall Man (Horror 1979) – Well Go USA:


– All 5 films + BONUS disc loaded with special features

All 5 film discs include:

– Never before seen extra scenes

– Hours of bonus features.

Bonus disc includes:

– Vintage special features

– Hours of new bonus material featuring new interviews with cast and filmmakers




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