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All’s fair in love and gore ‘Drifter’ – movie review


On VOD and iTunes currently is the gripping action packed thriller from Chris von Hoffmann DRIFTER. Parts MAD MAX, parts CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST with sprinkle of WE ARE WHAT WE ARE and TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE THE DRIFTER is quickly becoming a film you want to see. The story follows two brother on the run, one injured, that come across a family of wild cannibals. Fast paced and to the point DRIFTER provides loads of entertainment at a furious pace.

The Pierce brothers are on the run and MIles (Aria Emory) is injured during the escape. It’s up to big brother Dominic (Drew Hardwood) to keep them safe but it won’t be easy in the vast wasteland. Just when it seems like there may be a little refuge for the two things turn upside down when they run across a sinister family. DRIFTER has it all which is why we are curious to diminished reviews early one. Quickdraws, outlaws and cannibals can never be a bad thing and the performance by the family measures up to the Fireflys, Hewitt’s or any other crazed coup. Anytime characters are faced with a fight for survival the shape of the film starts to alter and become more complex. Don’t expect that with DRIFTER as it stays on a collision course straight ahead the entire time.

DRIFTER should do well in the home entertainment market as a sneaky action horror. A family of cannibals is nothing new to horror and it’s hard to keep ideas such as this fresh. Chris von Hoffmann does an excellent job of creating a chaotic environment to go along with the inhabitants of the film. There aren’t any true heroes in this feature and no love lost for how things play out. This is a good one to check out for sure!


3.5 / 5


THE DRIFTER is now available on VOD and iTunes. It is directed by Chris von Hoffmann and stars Aria Emory, Drew Harwood, Monique Rosario, Anthony Ficco, Rebecca Fraiser and James McCabe. It is being released courtesy of XLrator Media.




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