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Ultimate team up ‘Dread Central’ & ‘Epic Pictures Group’ join forces

In an announcement that was made over dinner at SXSW two leaders in the forefront of horror culture have combined. It’s been a busy year for Dread Central and it looks like they have found a partner in crime. Epic Pictures Group have delivered some astounding features this past year including titles such as TALES OF HALLOWEEN and TURBO KID. The two entities are joining forces to create something special. We aren’t sure as of right now what that is, and even as another pure source of horror we here at HMU are intrigued. Whatever it is the goal is to propel the two companies into the future and we couldn’t be happier for them both. Big things are being put together behind the scenes as soon enough we should know exactly what that means!

During this year’s South by Southwest (SXSW) Film Festival, Epic Pictures

Group, one of the premier distributors of new and exciting horror projects, and long-time genre cornerstone Dread Central Media announced a new partnership that is set to take the horror genre by storm. The announcement was made during a special dinner for SXSW’s Midnight filmmakers, which is hosted annually by Epic.

Epic is partnering with Dread Central to extend the imprint of their horror presences, both online and off, by delivering an all-new user experience tailored to the needs of the reader and fan. “For several years now Epic Pictures has been tirelessly delivering fans new and incredible genre films such as Turbo Kid, Nina Forever, and of course, Tales of Halloween,” says Steve Barton, Editor-in-Chief and Co-Founder of Dread Central Media,

LLC. “They’ve become a true leader in the field, and with them in our corner we can now finally bring Dread Central to the next level and create a space for horror enthusiasts online that they can truly call their own. Fans can expect some truly innovative experiences on both their desktops and mobile devices in the near future along with original content that only we can deliver.”

Epic Pictures Co-Founder Shaked Berenson adds, “Epic and Dread Central share a common goal of connecting independent horror filmmakers to their fans. With access to Epic’s strong distribution channels and capital,Dread Central will be able to provide more content to its fans, while remaining completely independent.”

Patrick Ewald, Epic’s CEO, says, “Dread Central has been my go-to horror site since its inception over a decade ago. The opportunity to work with the amazing Steve Barton and Jon Condit, as well as previous Epic film collaborators Buz Wallick and Andrew Kasch, is a natural progression in Epic’s ongoing commitment to keeping genre film an always evolving and terrifying experience for a worldwide audience.”

Says Jon Condit, Co-Founder of Dread Central, “We are looking forward to a terrifying partnership with Epic Pictures, whose involvement and shared vision will allow us to pursue features and developments on the site that put the fans first. This new endeavor will open up the possibility of making much needed improvements to our user experience and content offerings that were previously just out of reach for a small indie team of horror lovers.”

Tony Timpone, a long-time staple in the horror community who recently moved his fan screenings series to be hosted by Dread Central, states, “The best horror website teaming with the best indie genre company is a match made in horror heaven!”

This is just the start of something truly frightening and fun! Hold on tight!


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