DVD Release

Playtime is over ‘Heidi’ heads to DVD and VOD today



Hitting DVD and VOD today is the creepy possessed doll found footage flick HEIDI. In horror few things are creepier than dolls and when the fucker won’t go away it’s an evil game no one wants to play! The Daniel Ray feature is available today on DVD and VOD and the details on the release and trailer are found below. Enjoy and next time you go to grandma’s house make sure you leave the attic alone.

Wild Eye Releasing has opened the toy chest and brought Daniel Ray’s Heidi to DVD and Digital HD to punish all the bad children.  Available nationwide on April 11th, Daniel Ray’s first feature took home five awards at the Pollygrind Film Festival of Las Vegas, including Audience Choice for Best Feature Film.  Heidi stars Samuel Brian, Joei Fulco, Joey Bell, Eva Falana, Elizabeth Callahan and Michael Monteiro.

After investigating a neighbor’s attic, two high school pranksters are increasingly plagued by a series of disturbing, supernatural events involving a creepy, vintage doll named Heidi.  As she stalks them day and night, no one will take their claims seriously until it is too late.




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